DON’T TRUST ME!! Only 9 Percent of Buyers trust IT Vendor Websites

In 2012, 50 percent of people said they would trust a regular employee (up from 34 percent in 2011). Why? Because people believe that they are more likely to get the truth from a regular employee than from a CEO. People are so tired of propaganda, PR hype and marketing BS. And they are getting more tired by the day.

… Your potential customers want detail: they want facts, they want the smell of authenticity. ….Technology professionals are impatient, skeptical and cynical. They scan high and dig deep — … So often, these professionals see “marketing content” get in their way. …

And yet go to the websites of most IT companies and you are flooded with marketing waffle and smiley faces. The people designing and writing for these pages are locked into a highway billboard, brochure-ware marketing mentality that is so 20th century. This sort of stuff is a major reason why only 9 percent of buyers trust IT vendor websites. These websites scream: DON’T TRUST ME!!

Do we have to wait for the older marketing executives to retire? Maybe. Maybe that’s the only way because most younger marketers and communicators do understand the societal shifts, the fundamental changes in buyer and consumer behavior.

via Buyers Want Technical, Accurate Content.

Check out most IT vendor websites …

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