Lead Generation on Social Media: Listen for Trigger Events

Listening and monitoring as foundation for Lead Generation on Social Media:

You need to be looking for trigger events that are key to your space, industry, product, service, etc. Know what keywords suggest a need for your stuff. Know what action words can trigger a problem you can solve. Know what competitors your target audience could be talking about. Once you have all of this, build a big fat list of key words and phrases and triggers that you can look for to find todays social leads.
Generating leads in Twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook isn’t the same as traditional lead generation. It requires an indirect approach. It requires you go find them through listening and engaging.  Leads are no longer just referrals from friends or inbound bluebirds. Leads are now the off the cuff comments made on Twitter. They are the questions asked in LinkedIn. …

via Lead Generation: What a Lead Looks Like On Twitter And Every Other Social Media Site – Forbes.

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