The New Speed of Marketing – Are Campaigns dead?

A must-read for marketers by Jake Sorofman by Gartner. We have to rethink traditional marketing and apply the rules (and challenges) of the always-on world. (And I really like the term “Digital Snacking” as term, that customers are today pre-informed through the digital, in particular social business-world) :

Marketers, take note: Campaigns are dead. …

Well, they’re not, really. I say this mostly to provoke a different way of thinking. Campaigns still have a role to play, but it’s a role that’s increasingly shared with a different approach for reaching audiences. Campaigns may not be dead, but this I will defend will full conviction: a campaign-only mindset surely is.

… Also, consumers now arrive to the party informed; search and social media, in particular, …And that is why I’m suggesting that campaigns, alone, are no longer sufficient. Today, marketers must execute at two speeds:

… Speed two drives continuous engagement, which is conversational and situational—in other words, it’s human and it’s contextually relevant. Unlike speed one campaigns, which are time bound, speed two is “always on.” This is where personal and personalized storytelling, dialogues and experiences drive multichannel engagement that’s timed and targeted with precision.

… With remarkable frequency, I hear from marketing leaders who struggle to make the shift from speed one to speed two thinking. Why? Because speed two execution has a different voice and velocity. It’s more human, more personal in tone and tenor. It’s also more personalized—to the moment and to the audience.

via Modern Marketers Execute at Two Speeds.

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