Is Privacy Dead? We are the ones who killed it without even knowing it

Great summary by Jacob Morgan on our current challenge with Privacy. (I am still for the secod option. Let us continue to fight for it, although we might very often feel like Don Quichotte fighting the windmills):

It seems like going forward we have two choices. We can either accept that privacy is dead and that we now live in an open world or we can challenge this notion and continue to fight for privacy. The second option seems to be a bit of a paradox though. We want more security and more privacy but at the same time we want:

  • our corporations to be more open and transparent
  • to use social technologies without we don’t want being able to see our information
  • to be able to buy and use free products and services without giving up anything in return
  • to opt into using things like Google and itunes without reading the terms and conditions agreements, assuming that they have our best interest in mind

What’s scary is that we’ve gotten to a point where many of the things we do and the tools we use are such a big part of our lives that we HAVE to use them today. Are you really going to delete your Facebook account, stop using Google, no longer buy products online, or ditch your iphone? No, you’re not because everyone else that you know on this planet is using those same things as well.

So is privacy dead? It sure seems that way, and we are the ones who killed it without even knowing it.

via Privacy is Dead and We Killed it | The Future Workplace.

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