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The problem is that companies from customer-facing industries that deploy multiple customer service channels too often assess the effectiveness of e-care by measuring individual channels, when customers today often move from one channel to another as they try to resolve service issues. They may start looking for an answer on the company’s website before switching to its mobile app, posting a comment or question via social media, and then finally turning to the call center if they have been unable to find an answer elsewhere. That’s why it’s critical to measure the multichannel effectiveness of e-care—something many companies still are not capable of doing.

via Why companies should care about e-care | McKinsey & Company.

True. Digital Channels play a more and more important role in Customer Service. But the whole and real story is: Digital Channels play a more and more dominant role from the Pre-Sales/Information Phase to Sales to Service and Support and Customer Loyalty. The whole cycle is meanwhile strongly influenced by digital and we struggle on each and every intersection point to measure it properly. What is the real influence and ROI of Social Media? Which role do digital channels play for the buying decision? How do the sellers need to act in the age of the well and pre-informed customer? And here: Which role are digital channels playing for e-care? I used to call it the Social Age. Perhaps it is better called the age of Digital Transformation everywhere (where social plays an extremely important role in the emancipation of the customers – in B2C and B2B).

Digital everywhere:


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