Top Technologies to put the Customer at the Center | Forrester Blogs

Forrester is promoting a new report for CIOs on the Top Technologies For Your BT Agenda introducing a customer life cycle framework. Talking about Digital Transformation on every corner from Marketing, Pre-Sales, Sales to Customer Service and Loyalty I found this graphic and the distinction into two technology categories at least worth to discuss:

From Kyle McNabb’s Blog – Top Technologies For Your BT Agenda

These top technologies fall into two categories:

  • Life cycle solutions that redefine CRM. These include enterprise marketing solutions, sales and fulfillment solutions, customer service solutions, and product innovation solutions that help your business leaders improve upon customer facing and supporting processes. Collectively, these solutions help you support continuous customer relationships, forcing a rethink of how you look at CRM.
  • Engagement platform technologies to deliver unified customer experiences. Your customers expect unified and cohesive experiences across touchpoints – from the mobile app through to the contact center. Engagement platforms support a modular, four-tier architecture to tie life cycle solutions into the experiences you deliver. They consist of interaction technologies, digital delivery technologies, aggregation technologies, and infrastructure & context technologies you use to deliver the experiences your customers demand.

via Top Technologies For Your BT Agenda | Forrester Blogs.

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