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Another great summary of the challenge we have around privacy and our desire to get everything for free.

As a society, it really came down to our insatiable desire for free: free content, free social media, free productivity tools and free games. We want to be connected and we want to play with the latest games, toys and widgets, but by and large we don’t want to trade our cash for them. So instead we trade something else: our data and our privacy.

As long as you know what you are giving up and you make that choice, then you are fine. But know that whatever you know, “They” know, and that is the way it will be.

So here’s to a better web experience, marketers that know more about what we want than we do and a complete and total loss of privacy that really makes minimal difference in our lives. Heck, we share it all anyway. Don’t we?

But one thing is for sure, on the Internet of Things, there is no privacy.

via Does Privacy Exist on the Internet of Things? | Social Media Today.

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