LIKE IT: Social Media Word Association – Scott Stratten @UnMarketing

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Question: Let’s play social media word association. What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when I say:

Answer: Facebook – People from high school I never liked.

Vine – Makes my son cackle with glee when he watches videos. Who knew?

LinkedIn – People I use to work with I never liked.

Twitter – People I used to like, but now they schedule all their tweets.

Google+ – Lol

Snapchat – Something I’m not cool enough to use. Kids these days.

YouTube – The TV of today.

Instagram – Pics of food I never liked.

Pinterest – Great site, ruined by marketers.

MySpace – Tom

Tumblr – Great space being ruined by Yahoo!

via What’s Next in B2B Marketing? #MPB2B Interview with Scott Stratten @UnMarketing.


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