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It is always a fight to get a high quality corporate blog up and running. People tend to see it as another platform just to repeat the same marketing and sales pitches. There are some Corporate Blogs, where this is fine: When you define the blog explicitly as product information blog. But having such a blog offers only a limited value. The real value is having a Corporate Blog, where you as company show your expertise through Subject Matter Experts writing with high competence, knowledge and personal commitment on topics and areas important for your business:

Ask yourself a few questions: What are your favorite types of blogs? Which ones do you subscribe to and look forward to reading? Which ones do you consider a good use of your valuable time?

Although I can’t guess which specific blogs are your favorites, I think I can predict, with a good deal of accuracy, which types of blogs aren’t on your list:

  • Those that are exclusively about products or services
  • Those that are constantly and explicitly trying to sell you something
  • Those that are essentially a platform for the business or blogger to broadcast their marketing message

… So, if your company blog shouldn’t really be about your company, what should it be about? Isn’t blogging about your business kind of the whole point of ‘business blogging’?…Here it is: Your blog should be a resource to your readers and to other bloggers.

… People will read your blog because it provides relevant and valuable information they can’t find anywhere else.It’s well-known that attracting inbound links is one of the best ways to build up your blog’s authority and visibility in the search engines. But how many bloggers do you think are going to link to your site if all you do is talk about your business?

Using your blog to become a trusted (link-worthy) resource is a strategy that works in nearly every industry.

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