On the Power of Words: Are you telling Your Story from Your Unique Perspective

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As a former journalist and somebody believing in words and good writing I would love to see more marketers being convinced on the need of high quality content being written by experienced writers:

But the larger takeaway for marketers is to step up your writing. Words are our emissaries and ambassadors, carrying important messages for us. Yet businesses often neglect or overlook words—much to their own detriment.

Think of it this way: If a visitor came to your website without its branding in place (logo, tagline, and so on), would he or she recognize it as yours? If you stripped your branding from all your properties and lined up your words alongside a competitor’s, would you recognize yourself? Would you stand out?

So the question becomes: Are you telling your story from your unique perspective, with a voice and style that’s clearly all you?

via Audience and Oysters – Ann Handley on the Power of Growing Your Audience for Content Marketing.

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