The Digital Marketing Hub: Engage Audiences with Content appropriate to the Moment

Embed from Getty ImagesSince 2013 Gartner is pushing is the Digital Marketing Hub:

In fact, this is a key driver for the digital marketing hub, which is really about bringing the advantages of performance marketing to “broken-loop” marketing models, where decision journeys are anything but direct and revenue attribution is complex. Recall the characteristics of the digital marketing hub:

  1. A unified customer profile that combines first and third party data and the necessary instrumentation to achieve known and anonymous audience resolution.
  2. A content supply chain that “feeds the beast” with relevant offers, stories and experiences.
  3. Intelligent orchestration to sequence and coordinate this content to the moments that count on the decision journey, in near real time.
  4. Unified analytics that allow marketers to trace the thread from investments to outcomes so they can optimize investments to highest yield.

This last part certainly calls to mind performance marketing. The challenge, of course, is broadening these principles to apply to a more experience-centric way of thinking. Here, the goal is to engage audiences with content appropriate to the moment, often holding fire on the offer itself. The goal is to use data to drive dialogues to create loyalty and advocacy over time.

via Performance Marketing Comes of Age | Jake Sorofman

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