Leadership in the Social Age: Love it or hate it …

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A great posting on leadership in the Social Age. Check out the whole posting. Meanwhile I am not sure, if we should talk about the Social Age or the Digital Age. I guess it is both …

Welcome to the Social Age.We humans are social down to our very core; social is not just what we do, it’s what we are. Connecting and communicating; sharing ideas, news, tips and sometimes warnings; making introductions; growing our influence. That’s all we’ve ever done.

At first, of course, connections were limited to the confines of our village. … Through social, you — and your customers, employees, vendors, and even your competitors — are all just one or two social connections from each other. And they’re all talking to each other, with or without your participation. …

Depending on your outlook, you’re either going to love leading in the Social Age, or you’ll hate it. Regardless, none of us gets a vote on how the Social Age has already changed how we lead:

In the Social Age: Transparency rules

In the Social Age: Empowerment isn’t optional

The key to employee empowerment? Give employees the tools they need to create, communicate and collaborate — create a safe, respectful work environment — and then get out of the way. …

In the Social Age: Trust is everything

… The Social Age isn’t for sissies. For many, this transition won’t be easy.

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