Next Generation Digital Workplace: Get By With a Little Help From My (Intelligent) Friends

Another take on artificial intelligence and robots entering the workplace. And another author stressing, that it is on us to create the even more human digital workplace of the future instead of simply denying technological progress and paint Hollywood horror scenarios. It is on us to shape the future instead of trying to stop something which can’t be stopped.

… all the major technology vendors … are working in a world that they know will be saturated with artificial intelligence, marking the next stage of the digital workplace.

Human beings must adjust and understand how to work with what … robot. That catch all term applies for every digitally intelligent assistant, device and piece of software that we use in our daily work. … And while sadly we human beings are not getting smarter, the “robot” is building its intelligence by the day.

Hollywood scenarios may create narratives where AI grows and then crushes us like ants but what will happen in my view is far more nuanced, as we develop skills and patterns that allow us all to work alongside (and in collaboration with) ever smarter technologies.

The industrial revolution turned us into efficient machines as we carried out tasks for the industrial world. The digital revolution has the potential to turn us back into human beings, working in collaboration with hyper intelligent systems. It is up to each of us and the organizations where we work, to seize this opportunity to create ever more human and ever smarter worlds of work.

Source: Next Generation Digital Workplace: Where Human Meets Robot

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