About me …

This blog started as DigitalNaiv.com and I changed it to StefanPfeiffer.Blog due to some changes in content. The original topics were my passions marketing, todays digital world and transformation and the „Digital Workplace“, network policy, business and digital topics. Due to the more and more critical political situation and more and more poltical radicals not only in Germany I have extended the subjects to political and society relevant topics.

Who am I? I „do“ Marketing at IBM Germany-Austria-Switzerland. Originally I started as journalist and – unbelieveable today – furthermore studied history and political science. For sure I am writer out of passion. My privat hobbies and interests are sports (Soccer and Tennis), Books and reading, Politics and Culture, Wine, great food, traveling to nice places. I am publishing a few articles on that in the subdirectory. StefanPfeiffer.Blog/Privates (früher http://ei-gude-wie.com).

From 2016 onwards most blog entries are in German language. In the years before I was writing – due to my international role at IBM – here and there in English language. Those articles are always starting with the prefix [EN]. I will restart my efforts in 2019 and will autotranslate (with according translation services) stories, which are in my personal opinion relevant for English language readers. You can find them directly in the main menu.

Beyond this blog I am curating and commenting with some buddies as CIOKurator relevant content for CIOs and IT-interested people.

All entries represent my personal opinion and are no statements from my employer.