“Mobile phones and location-aware software are transforming social networks” | The Economist

But arguably the most important contribution that the sites have made is to offer a free and immensely powerful set of communication and collaboration tools to everyone on Earth who has access to a broadband internet connection. This democratisation of technology is driving the socialisation of the web and fundamentally changing the way that people interact with one another, as well as with businesses and governments.

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A very interesting article on the future of social networking. Economist states that „mobile phones and location-aware software are transforming social networks from static, desk-based destinations into ever-present, always-on tools with the potential to transform countless aspects of our work and leisure activities.“ (Quote from Smart Brief on Social Media).

Not sure, if I do find this development 100 % positive as The Economist. I believe we need to have more than one eye on data privacy and protection of our individual rights while leveraging the benefits of free communication and collaboration.

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  1. Gerade gelesen: Bin mir nicht sicher, ob die Entwicklung 100 % blauäugig positiv zu nehmen ist. Denke schon, daß wir absolut auf Datenschutz und Schutz der Privatsphäre achten müssen. Die Google-Exzesse im Data Profiling sind beispielsweise schon jetzt zu viel. Und bei aller Vorsicht bezüglich dieser Aspekte sollten wir keinesfalls die Chancen verpassen, die uns die neuen Technologien und Geräte bieten. Wäre für mich ein Thema für eine Session auf dem Lotus JamCamp #LJC (siehe ibm.com/software/de/jamcamp).

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