Social Media No. 1 Emerging Channel for Lead Generation – eMarketer

Emerging Channels for Lead Generation in 2010* According to US Technology Marketers (% of respondents)

Main Reason for Implementing a Social Media Strategy According to US Marketing Professionals, April 2010 (% of respondents)

Finally we are at a point, where it is clearly said, that we are not only for awareness reasons on the web and in Social Media. Yes, companies want to sell. They do want to generate leads. Social Media is in my opinion to generate better qualified leads. In addition it is a marketing instrument, which is dialog-oriented. If you are already in a dialog, selling is much easier. Experienced that on your own?

And of course we do generate awareness and hopefully serve our customers better through Social Media. It is not a nor or neither. All aspects are important. But let us not be shy and tell our customers and prospects, that we do want to sell.

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