"We want the ‘IBMers’ to be the corporate blog and the corporate Twitter ID" « Social Media @ IBM

At IBM, we  don’t have a corporate blog or a corporate Twitter ID because we want the ‘IBMers’ in aggregate to be the corporate blog and the corporate Twitter ID.  “We represent our brand online the way it always has been, which is employees first. Our brand is largely shaped by the interactions that they have with customers.”

Thousands of IBMers are the voice of the company.  

Nice statement and definition by Delph. Although there are “official” blogs, Facebook fan pages or Twitter ID’s from different brands and divisions of IBM there is nothing like a centralized Twitter ID or blog as “THE” voice of IBM. And I strongly believe that Social should not be centralized or being controlled (by Corporate Communications or Marketing). Yes, there need to be and should be some official channels. Yes, we do need to send out some Marketing messages here and there.

But the real power of Social is through the individuals being out there in the social space communicating to the customers. The real power is listening and talking with the customers, two-way communication very often on an individual bases.

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