Is Social the new DotCom? | Seek Omega

The dotcom era was a  one night stand, … where demand seem to exceed supply.  But as everyone knew, one only had to create new dotcoms to fill the demand. So the supply was limitless and the excitement ephemeral.

In contrast, Social Business is the long-term relationship built by employees, customers and partners over time. But it doesn’t happen over night.  Social is the yellow brick road to increased profits, better relationships and stability.  There will be challenges, embarrassments and failures.  But these obstacles will recede, leaving companies with increased social competency and stronger bonds with those that matter most.

Interesting take. As somebody who experienced the DotCom- and NeueMarkt one night stand … And I agree: I believe that Social is different and changes the basement of how we do business and give Power to the people. In memorian John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band. And in hope that an exciting exhibition will take place in Frankfurt next year. But this is another story.

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