Keynote: How Social Networking drives information and knowledge management @ Bayer – Kurt De Ruwe, CIO Bayer MaterialScience

Wir freuen uns besonders, dass Kurt De Ruwe, der CIO von Bayer MaterialScience auf dem IBM Social Business JamCamp am 19. Oktober, eine Keynote halten wird. Unter dem Titel How Social Networking drives information and knowledge management @ Bayer wird Herr De Ruwe über den Einsatz von Social Software bei Bayer berichten. Als inhaltiche Eckpunkte hat Kurt De Ruwe

  • Collaboration and Information and Knowledge management
  • Creation of a culture in which sharing is seen as normal
  • The journey we have taken so far
  • The tool is only 10% of the solution but it is an important 10%

auf der Agenda. Zu seinem beruflichen Werdegang:

Kurt studied Economics at Antwerp University.  After early assignments at IBM and then Mobil focusing on business analytics he joined ICI in the role of Development Manager.  By the age of 33 he was appointed Global IT Director, holding that position until he became Global CIO for Bayer Material Sciences in Leverkusen, Germany in 2007.

Kurt has a solid track record of delivery and driving innovation both for business process and IT technology related activities. He has built a reputation for daring to take on the seemingly impossible and driving it through to successful fruition, surrounding himself with a team capable of staving off doubters and resistors along the way. 
If there is a strategic advantage for the business to embrace technological change then Kurt is not afraid to be the first to use it, strategic advantage often means getting there first.

Consequently Kurt has master minded major technological change and global SAP projects.  Handled big M&A deals that required significant re-engineering to make integration both possible and successful.
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In diesem Zusammenhang möchte ich auch auf diesen Bericht auf CIO.DE hinweisen:

 CIO gewöhnt sich E-Mails ab: Wie Bayer MaterialScience Web 2.0


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