Lancalot: The Brain is the new Desktop

An interesting initiative by Martin Meyer-Gossner and Dirk Ploss on the future of work and on crowdsourcing. Here are their 14 fourteen grassroots thesis:

  1. The brain is the new desktop.
  2. The desktop needs a barrier-free space.
  3. Co-working frees and stimulates the open mindset.
  4. Knowledge transfer asks for WiFi, the Cloud, a phone and a clever brain – but not for offices.
  5. Work doesn’t fit into 9-to-5 anymore.
  6. There’s no such thing as a secure job.
  7. Experts and Geeks will have more influence on management decisions than the managers themselves.
  8. Time is the guard of knowledge, knowledge the knight of success.
  9. Time will be critical to every single business decision of the future.
  10. Business decisions are based on talk, trust and tactics.
  11. The second opinion will foster long-lasting business development.
  12. Transparency aggregates innovation, creativity and improvement.
  13. Co-creation has no limits in the world of clouds, networks and collaboration.
  14. Lancalots and Arthurs embrace mobile revolution as the catalyst of future business.
  15. We love to discuss these thesis with you and are looking forward to embrace your participation on our way into the next working space generation!

Martin Meyer-Gossner & Dirk Ploss
via Lancalot. Time is Money..

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  1. Yes, I see the power behind this co-working-thing. What I am missing now is, how to finance this life. Will there be a funding within a co-working space, to asure the basic needs? Otherwise there will be to much effort to fight again against other for getting some money for this? Better to freeing from this to come in cooperation / collaboration …

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