2013 #SocBiz Prediction: „Mobile is the new normal“

And another expert looking forward into 2013. This time Brett Caine, senior vice president and general manager for the Citrix Online Services division:

The number of work-at-home employees is increasing dramatically and not just day-extenders. For the first time we are seeing companies implement work-at-home policies and practices that make it possible to work from home as a full member of the team. Everyone wants flexibility, more and more ask for it and the millennials will demand it. …

Casual Fridays will become Work-from-Home Fridays

The tablet generation has already redefined the workplace. This on-the-go generation is not defined by four walls and a desktop computer. They are mobile. Mobile is the new normal. It’s not the exception. … In return, we will have a more dynamic workforce and work environment instead of the same old stagnant cube nation.

via Why The Simmering Social Revolution In The Workplace Will Boil Over In 2013 – Forbes.

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