2013 #SocBiz Prediction: From Punk Rock to Mainstream?

This time the 2013 predictions from Tom Petrocelli, Senior Analyst investigating the Social Enterprise:

If the enterprise social applications market was a music genre, it would be punk rock. Everything about it just seems faster and louder. As I look ahead to 2013, I expect a continuation of 2012. In other words, the enterprise application market will continue to mutate rapidly under the effects of social, mobile and cloud.

Social collaboration, social marketing, social channels merge with enterprise apps

The Social Enterprise is a way of doing business. Technology only exists to enable that. Social Enterprise can’t exist as a separate category for long. It will fold into enterprise business applications as a feature set more than a product category. This is good since it represents the best way to harness the real advantages of the Social Enterprise in a way that generates real business results.

via Prediction: More Change for Enterprise Applications in 2013.

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