Social Business Is Dead? Not Really! Really Not!

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Social Business is dead? Not really. We are moving to the broader picture, to Digital Transformation and Digital Business, where Social, Mobile, Cloud and Analytics are essential ingredients.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to think of social business separately from other digital trends, such as analytics, mobile or wearable technologies and automated algorithms. Only a short time ago, companies could tentatively step into social business by assigning a few employees to staff a Twitter account or Facebook page.

Today, being effective at social business is requiring greater sophistication across multiple digital domains. Companies must have the talent necessary to make sense of the data generated by social platforms and the operational infrastructure in place to respond quickly to real-time events; they’ll also need to leverage automated support for engaging in an increasingly complex social environment. Social business isn’t just about social business anymore, but it is converging with other emerging digital trends to generate a “perfect storm” of digital disruption.

As a result of these changes in the social business landscape, we plan to shift the focus of our social business initiative to address broader digital trends in the social and digital business landscape over the next year to help managers understand and navigate these increasingly complex digital disruptions of which social business is a part. Social business — as we originally knew it — is dead… so long live social business!

via Social Business Is Dead . . . | MIT Sloan Management Review.

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