Digital Transformation: Make things simple, enjoyable, engaging and efficient for employees and customers


This is an excellent blog post by Bertrand Duperrin. Some key quotes, but I highly recommend to check out the whole article:

Customers are the revenue of the company and, knowing that, they have two missions implicitly assigned by the business. Two things they are expected to : buy and, ideally, share the message. …

The external environment has permanently changed over the last century. …

How did businesses respond ? …

Then businesses needed to stay agile while they were gaining weight and silos were multiplying. So they added matrix management, making employees report to 2, 3, 4 managers giving contradictory orders since they have contradictory stakes.

More people, more layers, more silos, more processes, more reporting, more control. Businesses slowly become pachyderms burdened by their own weights, incapable of keeping up with a pace of a fast changing environment.

Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people get their work done. Work being to create and retain customers. Businesses responded to a more complex environment by more internal complication while we know that the only response to complexity is simplification. …

In simple words, we need to simplify organization and work … Technology is a catalyst, they make change possible provided one dares to trigger change and do what’s needed.

A definition of digital transformation : make things simple, enjoyable, engaging and efficient for employees and customers at each touch point.

via Digital transformation is about making things easier. Period..

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