Social Media Employee Advocacy: Europeans have a stronger preference for keeping work and home life separate

Very interesting results in the Social Media Employee Advocacy Report from the Altimeter Group:

25185991743_cd6f58b55b_kMy 2 cents: Only 27 % provide customers with support. A missed opportunity and perhaps a misperception of today’s needs.

25691638172_70ef1316dc_k55 % of employees share according to Altimeter information about work. But in fact the research found that 77% of those employees who do advocate are a manager or above. Why is the broader base not engaged? Remember my comments in one of my last postings: Are companies, managers and in particular middle managers really committed to have more employee advocates out there? Are the employees really motivated to become spokes people in social media?

25786514966_f1f6f11acd_kAnd the Altimeter-survey results show that companies have difficulties to motivate the employees and a low adoption rate by employees. Content challenges and leadership commitment are other key issues. By the way: Only 8 % faced the challenge of employees sharing inappropriate content.

25717499131_f90c76c929_oLast but not least an European perspective: European employees are less likely to share work-related content. Europeans have a stronger preference for keeping work and home life separate: 44% of Europeans cited this as a reason for not sharing work-related content, compared to only 23% of North Americans.

Source: [NEW RESEARCH] Social Media Employee Advocacy: Tapping Into The Power of An Engaged Social Workforce | Altimeter Group

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