Digital Transformation: The most effective digital workplace is one where collaboration and sharing are the norms

Great posting and great statements to quote on Digital Transformation and the different aspects to consider. I start with my favorite topic Collaboration:

Collaborative relationships will multiply and intensify digital transformation: Hyperconnectivity is one of the great characteristics of digital transformation. Organizations and their people learn through their interactions with the environment. It is the responsibility of the leaders to initiate his or her team to break the silos to realize the common goals or strategy which are far more important than the personal and departmental goals. Silos are reservoirs for homogeneous thinking, limiting the organization’s creativity and innovation. Creative collaboration via integrative diversity can overcome silos. The least effective culture at fostering a digital workplace is traditional command and control environments. Fostering collaboration is the key to creating a seamless organization when in pursuit of the digital strategy. The most effective digital workplace is one where collaboration and sharing are the norms.

Source: Five Focal Points of Digital Transformation ~ Future of CIO

More great quotes (but I highly recommend to read the whole article):

“To stay competitive, companies must move from “Doing Digital” -experimenting digital technological tools to “Being Digital” -Commit to transforming themselves into a fully digital business powerhouse.”…

“There are two elements that are critical to bringing in the human element in a change management program: These are fairness and communication. The employees’ input helps get to the point of change. For any type of changes, communication is critical.” …

Technology spending will shift to enabling knowledge workers to do their job better and delight customers: …

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