Call for Code: An example, how technology can play a role for social good (Laurent Sauveur from UN Human Rights Office)

A few days ago I had the pleasure to talk to Laurent Sauveur from the UN Human Rights Office at the We are Developers-Conference in Berlin. It was a real pleasure to let him describe, why the Human Rights Office is involved in the Call for Code to help before, during and after natural disasters. Typically the purest are being hurt most by those disasters, as Laurent mentions in our talk.

And Laurent goes beyond the initiative and encourages us all to think about the impact of technology on Human Rights. What does the usage e.g. of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media or in daily use of technology mean for Human Rights. Very important questions, we all need to talk about. Thank you Laurent for your time.

And I can only repeat the Call To Action: Be part of the initiative and bring in your ideas into the Call for Code. Everybody being involved makes a difference!

(Stefan Pfeiffer)

*Bild von Chickenonline auf Pixabay

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