Seven Things Your Organization Must Do Because Of Social Media | Forrester Blogs

The Web changed everything–recruiting, hiring, consumer expectations, customer support, marketing strategies, IT investments, corporate structure, job responsibilities, workplace skills, employer/employee relations and more.  Social Media is already doing the same, and with consumer adoption continuing and Facebook and Twitter extending their reach with new tools that enable the social web, we are nowhere near the end of the changes social media will bring to the business environment. 

Very impressive and to the point posting from Augie Ray. I highly recommend reading the seven findings. My favorite: “You must realize every employee is a marketer.” This is what I still try to convince the internal and external audience. Discover and embrace the power of every employee being ambassador and a seller for your brand. Not in terms of stupid advertising but as capable spokes person in its particular area of interest and skills. Boost your presence and the number of voices through engaging more and more employees in your Social Media strategy. And make this part of their bonus plans! This means competitive advantage and being ahead of competition.

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