YouTube – The Second Biggest Search Engine | Six Pixels of Separation

Does that seem hard to believe? YouTube (which is owned by Google) is the second largest search engine.

It’s more than just the traffic that online video generates.

It’s also about the education. Recently, I was looking for a strong tutorial on the basics of Keynote. The default thought is to look at both Blogs and books to see if a Dummies Guide is too basic or what the options are. After doing a couple of generic searches online, I came across this amazing video series/Podcast by EmpowerMac called, Keynote For Beginners, which is a twelve-part video series (each episode running about ten minutes). Amazing content, easy to watch and simple to follow along to.

YouTube is the new encyclopedia.

It begs the question: how well are you (and the brands you represent) leveraging the power of online video to really connect to your consumers as a thought leader and a brand that cares?

Very interesting posting to think about, in particular in marketing. Create more video and audio content. Put in on YouTube. Distribute it on mobiles and tablets …

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