State of Enterprise 2.0: Das White Paper zur Bostoner Enterprise 2.0 Konferenz 2010 | ZDNet

Business employees today live in two worlds:

– Your personal easy world online where everything is findable through Google and marketing makes it simple to purchase, with a smart phone in their pocket to contact anyone anywhere at any time.

– Your work world where the restrictive document, postal and telephone based thinking has resulted in oceans of unfindable document based information, email and meeting overload combined with challenging travel and time zone communication issues.

To individuals flattered and empowered by marketers online who make information and purchases mere clicks away, the old 1.0 security bunker mentality of corporate computing seems stale and limited, and by comparison it largely still is.

Realizing more efficient and interconnected ways of working by using the the power of modern technologies is the goal of Enterprise 2.0. Understanding how businesses are organized today and how to solve their business problems is the intent.

Wieder einmal steht die Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston bevor. Morgen geht es los rund um die alte 1.0 Unternehmensrealität versus der Zukunftsvision 2.0. Die Gegenüberstellung oben aus einem Posting von Oliver Marks auf ZDnet finde ich sehr treffend. Marks hat mit Sameer Patel das White Paper zur Konferenz geschrieben, das hier heruntergeladen werden kann.

Ich freue mich auf spannende Nachrichten aus Boston, besonders von @frogpond und @elsua, die beide teilnehmen.

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