Social Media needs cross-functional teams « Dachis Group Collaboratory

Creating a cross-functional team is a way to scale your strategy and create a strong foundation for a social media program. Each member of the team should bring relevant expertise to the table. Most people turn to the “usual suspects” when putting together a social team: Marketing, PR, and Customer Service. However, there are other job functions to be considered, such as:

  • The Sales team as you incorporate Social CRM
  • HR as you begin to craft corporate policies
  • The IT and Information Security groups as you consider social platforms
  • Consumer Insights as you develop your listening program
  • Product Innovation/Development as you glean insights from listening
  • The Legal/Compliance teams who can help avoid potential legal roadblocks

Very true statements: Social Media should not only be Marketing and PR. It needs to be an effort of the whole organisation, as I have written in one of my previous (German) blog posts. Social Media is everybody!

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