AIIM publishes Social Business Roadmap

This roadmap is a tool to help organizations effectively develop social business processes and to help identify and address potential issues before they become real problems.

The roadmap is designed as a framework – that is, it addresses a wide variety of issues and challenges, not all of which will be applicable to every organization. Organizations are encouraged to use this roadmap as a starting point, but to customize it to their particular circumstances including their regulatory environment, organizational culture, level of familiarity with different tools, and of course their overall strategic goals and objectives.

Organizations that follow this roadmap will move from tactical, ad hoc, and suboptimal approaches to social business technologies to a more strategic and systematic implementation.

Roadmap and Infographic on how to develop Social Business Processes. I am sure we will discuss it next thursday at the XING Lounge with Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer, Axel Oppermann, Lars Basche and Sven Schnägelberger on Social Business and Enterprise Content Management.

Social-Business-Roadmap-Infographic.pdf Download this file

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