Social Networking for Business –

Employees share information in their personal lives. Companies can use those skills to improve workplace collaboration.

In their private lives, users of Facebook, Twitter and other social media are completely at ease forming communities of shared interests and keeping everyone up-to-date with messages, pictures and documents. Now they are ready to put those same tools to work at the office—to help everyone see who knows what, who needs what information, and how to coordinate their work.

Employees will need to make social networking part of their work routines—interacting and answering questions from one another. They’ll also need incentives to collaborate. Raises and promotions based solely on individual performance won’t encourage workers to share new ideas or possible solutions.

Social networkers are accustomed to seeing what their friends are doing, expressing their opinions in polls and being welcomed into conversations. Not all companies wish to be as transparent and open to dialogue as the public social-networking environment is. But there will be pressure for greater transparency in the workplace as social networking is introduced.

Great posting on the value of Social Networking for Business. The value of a Corporate Facebook is more and more recognized! And the fact that the enterprise will become more and more transparent, if it wants to get value through engaged employees.

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