Posterous support – no longer existing?

I am a bit frustrated with the current support policy of Posterous. Is there a lack of interest to maintain the current blog platform?

  • Since months two of my pages simply disappeard. Nobody seems to take care at Posterous although I raised the issue. and are simply gone. I have removed them now from the blog after having asked several times for help.
  • My search index seems to be corrupt since a while. When starting a search only a few postings are being displayed although the terms are in many more articles.
  • Since May 1 the views per blog entry seem to be dramatically down. For the older entries some thousand views were shown under Manage. All my May entries have significantly lower views (perhaps more realistic ones).

Nevertheless. It seems that the support for the Posterous functions is no longer existing. And then I need to consider to move to another platform instead of loosing.

Any comments?

Anybody else have the same experience?

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