The B2B Mobile Revolution

But B2B companies have been slow to move into mobile. And the irony is stark, given that mobile is the one set of media that is most used by their target audiences. With 72% of the U.S. workforce already mobile, 64% of B2B decision makers currently reading their email via mobile devices, and more than 70% of executives under 40 considering mobile their primary communications tool, it’s clear: professionals view their mobile devices as veritable “lifelines to their livelihoods.”

Although I do not belong to the execs under 40 I do identify myself with the statement. Meanwhile I am traveling with my iPad only and do leave my MacBook at home. When visiting customers we always get the request to support mobile devices, iOS, Android, RIM. In projects we are working to virtualize the normal esktop to mobile devices. Web Sites need to become real mobile, in consuming them and in using them. Mobile is everywhere, on the workplace and in marketing. And Mobile and Social get married – or are already.

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