Low productivity: Social networks or irresponsible employees? | ZDNet

If I can’t have Facebook open (when I’m not doing work on it) or a Twitter client used for my personal account running while I’m working on something else because it’s distracting, I need to close them. End of story. If I’m in a meeting and my iPhone is blowing up with social media notifications and distracting me, I need to turn it off (I still suck at this).

An employee’s inability to manage their own digital distractions is no one’s fault but their own.

Very interesting piece on getting organized (and not distracted) in the workplace. A very harsh conclusion, but I do agree, when I add two more surrounding conditions (which the author seems to support).

1. Blocking Facebook, Twitter etc. in the Enterprise is not the solution.
2. Employees should get training how to move around in the Web 2.0 world, get the best out of it (including having some fun), but without getting to much distracted from work.

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