The Key to Web CMS Success: Real-Time Updates to Multiple Channels

A website might be your organization’s central hub, but its content is no longer in a silo. This means your CMS must be able to adapt to today’s digital, cross-channel marketing. It should be able to store digital assets regardless of output channel, allowing you to re-purpose content across multiple websites, email messages, social media channels and mobile websites. This ultimately helps improve consistency of your overall brand messaging and generates an uninterrupted customer journey.

For this to happen, you’ll need to select a CMS that is based on an infrastructure where you can create one piece of content that can be pushed out to multiple channels with various form factor requirements. This enables you to adjust the content to meet Twitter’s 140-character requirement, Flickr’s photo requirements, and/or to simply re-purpose the content for multiple areas of your website.

Interesting take on what a state-of-the-art Web Content Management system and a portal needs to deliver in todays social business environment.

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