Finding Meaningful Data in an Era of Information Overload –

Interesting article on the importance of analytics and intelligent activity streams in the age of information overload. Users need help and intelligent system supporting them in selecting the right information, providing content in context to enable better decisions, business processes and customer service. Activity streams need to be made intelligent with social and business analytics. Otherwise we will see an information overload going far beyond the e-mail explosion of the last years:

We’re constantly bombarded by Google alerts, RSS feeds, paid data services, newsletters, Twitter and Facebook updates, and more – and we take it in because we don’t want to miss that piece of vital information, the proverbial needle in a haystack, to give us an edge over competitors. But along with the good comes the bad – an endless stream of “junk” data that is neither actionable nor valuable to the greater enterprise.

The pain of information overload is not just personal, it’s business — a real problem that has a measurably negative impact on the bottom line …

Enterprise users are stuck using traditional information gathering tools where business information is collected and remains silo-ed within emails, spreadsheets, or individuals. What’s missing is the element of collaboration, where business intelligence can be shared socially within teams or across departments. Without that element, crucial information often fails to be integrated into greater enterprise-wide business intelligence systems to foster better decision-making and improved processes. …

The ability to easily gather, customize, and filter information via intelligent activity streams that collect the most vital bits of relevant data, and then leverage that enterprise-wide, will be the key to driving business success.

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