Customer Experience: Social & Web Merge And Become Hyper-Personal

#12. Social & Web Merge And Become Hyper-Personal

The idea of “social media” is going away. As social networks merge into our content, we will stop looking at them as separate things, and instead as one, integrated platform. One need only look at the Apache Rave (based on open social) concept to see how social networks, identification, content and websites eventually can blend into one thing. These can become the building blocks to new Web content platforms — where content is delivered on a hyper-personalized level and contextually based on preferences, location, device, etc.

It is time for predictions, what is going to happen in 2012. Jeroen Verberg wrote a great posting on CMSwire with 12 predictions on customer experience. I found in particular prediction #12 interesting. How are the usual web presence of an enterprise and social technologies blend in the future. I believe the hyper-personal web presence, available on all devices willbe the future delivering a new web and customer experience. The one thing missing in this statement are the communication capabilities, often real-time communication capabilties (Click to call, Click to chat) being directly integrated in the hyperpersonal web experience.

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