Why do so many marketers still not get social media? | Social Media Today


My thoughts: So in other words they’re not building communities at all, they’re just pushing content out to as many people as possible, on as many platforms as possible.  I dare say this shotgun approach will make it even more difficult to determine the ROI they complain about in the previous section, because there is clearly no purpose to their presence on any social network. …

All in all its a rather depressing and predictable insight into how so many marketers have failed to grasp just what social media is about.  It’s done little but confirm my view that marketers in their current form are an enemy of social media, as they do so little to add real value to the space.

Couldn’t agree more. The new world of Social Media, or Social Business, is about building communities, host a dialogue and engage – not about spamming the world with promotional messages. This needs a mindshift and putting resources, skilled people, behind it.

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