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Great posting! Good Customer Experience starts from the inside, from the enterprise and empowered employees:

The millennial era has introduced massive technology change driven by the advent of mobility, social networking, cloud computing and big data, forcing companies to abandon Business As Usual (BAU) thinking. Companies need to re-think their business growth strategy, how they optimize their core business processes and how they improve the engagement and experience of their end customers and employees.

All employees must play a role in improving the end customer experience. It is critical to create a client centric organization at all levels.

This new workforce requires information transparency. Companies need to create an “information workforce” that unites tools, content and context. Social and mobile layers will need to be created to provide access to business data, creating unified communications tools to enable workers to perform. Information is overloading systems and people need better ways to access content and deliver context online.

Information workers are continuing to expand their use of external social platforms for crowdsourcing and other innovative collaboration techniques. This is creating a virtualized workplace where influences and ideas are exchanged outside the boundaries of the traditional workplace. Social accelerates the creation of business value by allowing innovation beyond the four walls of the enterprise. Mobility ensures I, as an employee, have the access I need on my device of choice.

via Improve Employee Engagement to Maintain Loyal Customers.

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