2013 #SocBiz Prediction: “70 % of our employee workforce is disengaged at work”

My IBM buddy Luis Suarez looks into next year – and makes some bold statements: Knowledge Workers use social tools in their private life, but not engage in the same way behind the firewall using their internal social tools. But not enough. The “elite” is not engaged and the majority of the employees neither:

Recent research studies from Deloitte have confirmed how over 70 percent of our employee workforce is disengaged or totally disengaged at work. …
We have been missing a huge opportunity in the wider adoption of Social Business within the enterprise. …

I am talking about HR and their new transformation from being Human Resources to becoming Human Relationships.

That’s the huge opportunity for Social Business in 2013 and beyond. Help address employee disengagement across the board by having HR drive, right at the center, the transformation of how business gets done through Social.

… This is going to be the final opportunity for HR to be back at the forefront of facilitating something we have been missing for decades: employees owning their work, taking more responsibility, making the right decisions, earning their merits and (digital) reputation, to eventually become recognized for what they do best — their job(s).

via Social Business in 2013: A Challenge, An Opportunity, A Commitment.

Well, in a world, where only cash counts, the business is driven quarterly, weekly, daily, where the heat is on constantly, employee engagement is getting more and more challenging. Leadership, motivation is needed – and perhaps some rethinking on human capital …

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  1. Thx, Stefan, for this important info which conforms several other studies like that of Gallup.
    And because we see the strong potential in stepping into the next evolutional step of leadership we are started writing about that situation and about what to do seeing engaged people at work.
    Currently the articles are in German, but we are looking forward publishing in English as well.
    Here ist the <a href="http://wirdemo.wordpress.com"<Blog ot the Initiative WirtschaftsDemokratie
    Greetings, Martin

  2. Thx, Martin, just published my profile on Initiative Wirtschaftsdemokratie, in German language … Looking forward to interesting discussions.

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