2013 #SocBiz Prediction: “Email will evolve into a Social Platform”

And now Ed Brill, Director, Product Management for IBM Social Business, looks into the future – the future of email and the Social Inbox:

With approximately 145 billion corporate emails sent on a daily basis — a number that’s only expected to rise in 2013 — email is still the reigning champion of the enterprise collaboration world. For reference, there are roughly only 2.5 billion Facebook posts per day, and 400 million tweets.

Instead of fading away, email will evolve into a social platform. It’s already starting to happen – businesses that have cracked the code when it comes to the evolution of the inbox already have a leg up on the competition.

What exactly is social mail? In a nutshell, it creates a more effective workforce by unifying messaging and other business applications to reduce context switching. It frees up email, calendar, to-do and other messaging and collaboration from the client application.

Modern workplaces are on the brink of an email revolution. No longer a static medium, in 2013 email will become a critical business tool that brings people together in a collaborative and social way.

via What Does the Inbox of the Future Look Like?.

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1 Kommentar zu „2013 #SocBiz Prediction: “Email will evolve into a Social Platform”“

  1. I am ambivalent thinking about the future of e-mail. Yes, the simple standard leeds to use it all over the world.
    But. In cases where people within large prooject groups are communicating on fragmented long threads, tools like microblogs and wikis are much more beneficial, aren´t them?
    There for I expact to seeing peak e-mail yet …
    Kind Greetings, Martin

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