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Me too: Graphic Processor Failure on my MacBook Pro 2011 – Your response, Apple? #mbp2011


Now it happened to me, too. My MacBook Pro from 2011 stopped working properly. And it seems to be a well-known problem. The Graphics processing unit (GPU) in the 2011 MacBooks are creating grey or blue screens making it impossible to work.

Well, hardware problems happen, but this seems to be recurring for a lot of Apple customers. And Apple is not responding (since end 2013) at all until now. I added my problem this morning to the support forum. These are only some new comments are users made since then.

  • Please apple do something about it, as a photographer it’s hard to work without it.
    I can’t believe that after 3 years a 2.400€ MacBook Pro no longer works because of a known issue and Apple doesn’t fix the problem, and the solution for that is to pay the replacement (600€)
  • As a Mac user for the past 10 years, I’m really disappointed by the way they’re dealing with this. It’s a great way to lose a bunch of loyal customers who think you can do no wrong until you demonstrate that you really don’t give a **** about them at all. … Those Samsung ultrabooks are starting to look pretty good right about now.
  • If they do nothing – i will never ever buy another Apple product (i have bought them many). If they do something, they will regain my trust, and consequently, the content of my wallet.
  • So… Apple your turn now… Show us that you are not rotten Apple. 

Again, only from today … The thread has meanwhile over 1,1 million views and nearly 8.000 responses:


There seems to be some real frustration and obviously I do understand this. Apple seems not to care about dozens or even hundreds of previously loyal customers buying not very cheap premium products. Unbelievable. Yes, replacement costs money, but what is more important, dear Apple?

For me this is the proof point, if to stay with Apple or if to look for cheaper alternatives, Not only the 2011 MacBook, but also 2 iPhones 4 and a TimeCapsule Generation 1 have to be replaced soon.

Customers have signed a petition asking Apple CEO Tim Cook and SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi to fix or replace MacBook Pro units subject to the „manufacturing defect“, but: Apple ignores calls to fix 2011 MacBook Pro failures as problem grows.

P.S. My MacBook is with my dealer, who knew about the problem. I was obviously not the first one. Tomorrow I will hear about the costs fixing and replacing the GPU.

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  1. I was with my local dealer Comspot here in Darmstadt (Germany) yesterday. The offer they made for replacing the board and the realted service was € 592,61 (incl. VAT).

    No complains about Comspot, nevertheless I am loosing words and I am extremely disappointed. It seems that the law firm Whitfield Bryson & Mason LLP will take care if the issues in the United States. Not sure, if this is going to help international buyers, but all pressure on Apple is good at this moment. Check out the Facebook-Group (, where a survey is being promoted collecting data on buyers involved:

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