Some of my Favorite Digital Marketing and Social Media Trends

Usually I don’t like the typcial 15 tips, 10 best blog posts. But here are some of my favorite marketing credentials included:

2. Blogging Will Continue To Dominate Lead Generation

Creating great content and driving traffic back to your site will remain the best way to generate organic leads. This means if you aren’t blogging, you can’t afford to hold off any longer. Let us handle that for you. We’re the pros. 🙂

3. Influencers Are More Important Than Ever

With declining social reach and increased competition, Influencers will be the best way to help spread the word in a trusted fashion. Empower the influencers and ambassadors you have and turn new fans into loyalists through engagement.

4. Mobile App Marketing Isn’t Just For Teens

Content will continue to be consumed through mobile apps at a staggering pace. But Snapchat and Instagram will no longer be just for teens and millennials. If you want to reach people on the go, mobile is the place to be.

5. Shorter Attention Spans Require More Visuals

With more content to compete with, we need to capture the attention of our audience at faster rates. Visuals can do that better than text, which means you will need a very strong visual content strategy to stay relevant and get the attention you deserve.

6. Branded Communities For The Win

Businesses will look to other ways create engaging communities. This means outside of the traditional networks like Facebook & Twitter, but on to your own site. Think memberships and exclusive content.

7. Niche Sites Will Have Long Lasting Effects

Less reach means that businesses will have to look to new places to reach a targeted audience. Niche sites are going to prove to be more valuable than ever to get in front of the right people. It may be less people, but they are hyper focused.

8. Video Will Help Build Relationships

Educational, value-driven, customer service or just plain fun, consumers will be looking at video as a way to build trust with a business. Think about incorporating short and longer form video to cover all the gaps.

9. Behavioral Marketing Will Increase Sales

Customers will buy more from you if you know their behaviors. By creating content for them based on what they look at and do on your site, you’ll be able to tap into their wallet easier. Infusionsoft is the way to go here.

10. Marketing Will Require More Touch Points

You will no longer be able to rely on just one network or one strategy to survive online. You’ll have to repurpose your content for different networks and reach your customers everywhere all the time.

11. Consumers Will Want More Privacy Online

Sites like Ello will make their mark as people look for more privacy online. You will need to be very careful and ethical about how you reach out to people as consumers are more aware.

via 15 Digital Marketing and Social Media Trends That Will Shape 2015 | Social Media Today.

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