Always On: It is time to think about, how we can resolve the Collaboration dilemma

Technology can effectively boost work productivity, but large numbers of digital communication streams can leave teams feeling overwhelmed. Unifying your communication tools makes connecting with colleagues and clients friction-free while supporting their ability to stay connected and effective on their own terms. Businesses have a number of great tools out there to choose from, but they should adopt an employee-first strategy that addresses worker’s priorities and preferences.

Source: Avoiding Employee Burnout in the Always-On Workplace

After all it is time to simplify collaboration and communication. The Email-Generation communicates through their inbox, forcing the younger generation into Email jail, the Facebook-Generation sticks to Social Collaboration and Enterprise Social Networks, trying hard to convince coworkers that sharing is much more efficient than inbox silos.

And now the WhatsApp-Generation, the Mobile Generation asks for a much improved user interface (UI) and ease of use oriented on mobile devices. More and more working remotely, being always on can and should not be the solution. It is time to think about, how we can resolve this dilemma. And it is time to think about which role artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies can play to finally make enterprise collaboration easier.

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