Collaboration: Avoiding Data Breaches versus Sharing and Communication

According to the Ponemon Institute, 23 percent of breaches are caused internally, by accident or by malicious intent. …

What about email attachments? Osterman Research noted (pdf) that 95 percent of all business emails sent have attachments. Have they been vetted for security and confidential information? Doubtful.

A Breach Is a Breach Is a Breach

End users will never be controlled. This can jeopardize data breach laws and damage corporate reputation, which doesn’t even consider the collaboration aspect.

Source: Collaboration’s Fundamental Flaw? People

Yes, there is a risk of data breaches through sharing or sending files by accident.

Yes, most systems don’t take care of a role-based model changing security settings, when somebody changes job role.

But … for me the lack of sharing and the losses due to not collaborating – and yes cross boundaries, too – are the much bigger problem hurting the bottom line.

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