Are marketers ready for this level of super-duper mega-hyper targeting? – SmartBlog On Social Media

As if the introduction of social networks wasn’t enough to further fragment online marketing opportunities, we now have to throw devices (and their new platforms) into the mix. Forrester’s Josh Bernoff explains that in the era of the “Splinternet,” “each new device has its own ad networks, format, and technology. Each new social site has its login and many hide content from search engines.”

The question is, are marketers ready for this level of super-duper mega-hyper targeting? Will you be targeting left-handed, upper-middle class Midwestern Android users?


On the one side very good take on where we are going. On the other side. How many marketeers are still far away from Social Media Marketing – despite the hype. How can they understand the next wave of different mobile marketing platforms to target?

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