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1. Profiles: Facebook, Twitter,, LinkedIn and so on have made HUGE shifts in building out the profiles within their sites.  This is something I have been a big proponent of for a long time with Social Business Software (SBS) and products like Lotus Connections and Jive have always done a nice job helping users start with this easy win within enterprises.  When one of the “sells” of SBS is the ability to find that “right person” – profiles is where this rubber hits the road and the latest versions of Connections and the soon-to-be released Jive 5 blows this out of the water.  For some companies this is THE use that sells SBS.


Every company has a telephone directory. But the telephone directory of the Social Business age is a Social network with Profiles, where you can easily find by people by tags, location, skills or as suggestion by the social software … This guy has similar interests. You should know him …

And by the way: This Social Software thing offers more than Profiles … Wikis, Blogs, Activities, Bookmarks, Communities …

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