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Think of your website as your core destination for developing a social business. (via Jeff Bullas)

Integrate & Optimize Your Online Properties

So what are some ideas and initial steps to integrate your digital assets so that the appropriate digital channels continue to grow and receives traffic that is engaged and optimal?

Start using Facebook to drive traffic to the official website by providing obvious links on Facebook tabs and info pages

Use Facebook to drive traffic to the company blog(s) by offering an excerpt of the first paragraph with a link to the article in Facebook update

Provide links to your other online properties on Facebook such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn

Capture emails on Facebook when fans come to the landing page

Create a Facebook competition which requires finding information on your website or blog, announce you will publish the competition winners on your official website

Tell your fans about a special offer they can download from the website.

Integrate e-mail marketing with social media so you can increase your brand’s own customer database.

Offer specials on your Facebook store that take them to your own eCommerce store

Think of your website as your core destination for developing a social business.

Facebook is a great channel to engage with your fans and drive traffic to your official websites and blog but don’t get caught up in the hype and ignore your other online properties but continue to integrate and optimize all your digital assets and the synergy will surprise you.


Perfect fit to my posting on a modern web presence. Jeff summarizes the Facebook-hype and brings it to the point: „Think of your website as your core destination for developing a social business.“ Facebook can and should be an enabler, not the destination.

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